12/1 Lehigh Valley Greens meeting

Dave Ochmanowicz threw out the question, “Who’s thinking of running for office in 2017 or 2018?” on the Green Party US facebook page and got a bunch of responses from all over the country. Running for office is important as long as it connects with the broader framework of what we’re trying to do in our communities, our region, and within the larger contexts.

Well, what are we trying to do? If we are to talk to people about what we’re about, don’t we need to be very clear about what that is? Are we for community rights, for example? Against big box stores? For sustainable ag? Community-owned energy utilities? Against injustice? For a living wage? In solidarity with #NoDAPL? Black Lives Matter? What’s our platform? What’s our vision? And how are we to connect with others in the Lehigh Valley and elsewhere?

What is a political party anyway and what are its tasks?

It’s time to “return to pursuing goals which are not timed to the national electoral cycle” (Chomsky). Thursday, 12/1, 7pm, NCC South Side Campus, room 621, 511 E 3 St, Bethlehem.